26 Jul

Your life can be changed when you lose a tooth. It would be difficult for you to speak or eat when you have a problem with a tooth especially if it's a molar. It's good that there are modern restorative procedures that have resulted to a reduced number of teeth extractions every year. There are still many people who have lost their natural teeth. If you are one of the adults who have lost a tooth or two and who are in need of a permanent or a lifelong tooth replacement, you may opt to have the dental implants.

A dental implant is that fixture which is embedded within the jawbone and it also replaces the natural tooth by way of prosthesis. An example of this is a crown or a removable or fixed denture. After the implant is placed, bone formation occurs in the surrounding areas of the implant which results to stability of the artificial tooth.

There are several dental implant procedures that you can choose from. Some of these are the following:

Single Tooth- This is obviously for single tooth replacement. This involves the insertion of a single titanium dental implant which is then followed by the attachment of a dental crown.

Fixed Bridge on Implants- This is for two or more teeth that are missing. This involves the insertion of two dental implants that are spread over two, three or four teeth. A fixed bridge is then attached which spans two, three, or four teeth.

You have to be aware that a dental implant can be done in just one session but it's the osseointegration that may require three to six months to complete. Osseointegration is the process wherein the dental implant anchors and also takes root on the person's jawbone. In any case where osseointegration fails, the dental implant procedure also fails. Failure happens when the dental implants are not properly placed or positioned. This requires the experience, skills, and qualifications of a professional dentist.

Anyone may find several reasons for having dental implants. Some of the best reasons are the following:

Ease in chewing and eating is guaranteed with the use of dental implants compared to dentures. Dentures don't always fit 100 percent but this problem can be resolved through the use of dental implants.

Another great benefit of wearing dental implants is your improved appearance. Dental implants tend to fuse with the jawbone; that's why they look like natural teeth. Learn more here - Dental Implants London.

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